How we do it

Forget expensive and complex cloud governance projects.

We take you through 5 steps to achieve reasonable control!

Connect Cloud Cop SaaS to customer cloud

Connect Cloud Cop

One day physical workshop together with the customer to understand the business needs

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Cloud Cop creates and present a report with recommended measures

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Cloud Cop implements the recommended baseline of policies in customer cloud


Handover of Cloud Cop management and compliance reporting to customer

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Easy and powerful Control Panel

With Cloud Cop control panel you can start the day with good insight and end the day with good feeling.

Our key differentiators

Easy onboarding

You get started with a powerful tool in 5 minutes, with access to all policies with simple and automated functions.

Business focus

Cloud Cop ensures that governance is placed where it belongs, at the interface between business and IT.


Cloud Cop takes you from a reactive to a proactive perspective.

The right level

We ensure that best practices for cloud governance reflect what is essential to protect your business' values.

It`s about your value

We exist to protect your values and adapt to your needs.

No vendor lock In

Cloud Cop uses the existing mechanisms in the customer's existing cloud, so all the value created remains with the customer.