Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to spend to implement Cloud Cop?

1-day workshop + 8 hours for review, clarifications, training, and general dialogue. It is up to each organization how much time you want to spend yourself and how much you like us to do. The most important thing is that you do not see this as a time thief, but the goal should be to make everyday life less demanding.

How is the Cloud Cop pricing model?

The Cloud Cop license is subscription-based and priced according to the scope of your cloud resources. Additional services will be based on scope and needs.

Can we use Cloud Cop if we have outsourced IT?

Yes, Cloud Cop enhances the value of outsourcing.

We have already implemented cloud governance. How will Cloud Cop help?

Yes. Cloud Cop uses the existing mechanisms in your cloud. If you already have a set of policies implemented, we ensure that they are connected to Cloud Cop and give you better compliance reporting and ease the maintenance.

We do not use much cloud services yet, do I need to prioritize governance?

Yes. Using cloud services without having thought through governance is like building a house without having a plan or ensuring that requirements and rules are followed. Many start gradually with cloud services and without intent on how development and operations should be done to protect the company’s values. We recommend that everyone who will use cloud services start with governance.

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