Security Governance

Make sure that the cloud platform complies with the company's regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Kom raskt og kontrollert igang med Security Governance!

The Security Governance category in Cloud Cop is based on Security Baseline, which is one of five disciplines for managing cloud platforms within the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Security is a component of any IT distribution, and when you use a cloud platform, unique security challenges are introduced despite all the security mechanisms the platform has available.

Many companies are subject to regulatory requirements that make the protection of sensitive data a major organizational priority when considering a cloud transformation. Dealing with these threats should be a priority for all activities to secure business against consequences that can lead to loss of reputation and finances.

To protect the business against potential security threats or human error in the cloud environment, including the establishment of processes and procedures, rules must be established in the platforms that comply with business rules. In this way, you vil enforce anyone to follow the rules.

Of the five categories in Cloud Cop for cloud platform management, Security Governance in Cloud Cop ensures that business rules and security requirements are consistently complied with in the cloud platform. By easily establishing and managing rules that, for example, prevent the creation of services in data centers located outside a permitted country, region or union. This way, you can be more confident about whether privacy data is stored or processed by services located in data centers outside permitted countries.

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