Resource Governance

Make sure your cloud platform resources are deployed, updated, and configured consistently and repeatedly, and that service disruptions are minimized and remedies in as little time as possible.

Kom raskt og kontrollert i gang med Resource Governance!​

The Resource Governance category in Cloud Cop is based on Resource Consistency, which is one of five disciplines for managing cloud platforms within the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

This discipline deals with various ways of establishing rules and guidelines related to the operational management of an environment, application or workload. IT operations teams often monitor applications, workload and resource performance. They also typically perform the tasks required to meet scope requirements, remedy breaches of service level agreement (SLA) performance, and avoid proactive breaches of SLAs through automatic recovery.

Within the five categories of cloud platform management, Resource Governnace ensures that resources are consistently configured, structured and labeled in such a way that they can be detected early by IT operations.
Resource Governance also support solutions for recovery services, and are often part of repeatable operational processes.

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