It should be easy to have control

Cloud Cop was founded with the goal of making it easy for businesses to proactively manage cloud platforms to achieve higher efficiency and security as well as predictable costs.

We believe that every company should own its own governance, to ensure that the platforms are in accordance with the company's requirements, principles and rules. To achieve this, good and proactive management of the cloud platform is required, which helps to handle increased complexity and high speed of change.

To avoid Cloud Governance not becoming complicated and costly itself, we have developed Cloud Cop to make it easy and affordable to get started with governance at the right level and not least be able to manage it on an ongoing basis. To achieve a clear and controlled use of the cloud platforms, regardless of whether development and operation are done internally or by different suppliers.

By using Cloud Cop, we can guarantee easy achievement of cost control, high efficiency and secure platform. And not least saved time and money on development and operation.

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