Deployment Governance

Support your DevOps or DevSecOps adoption stablishing policies to govern asset configuration or deployment.

Kom raskt og kontrollert i gang med Deployment Governance!​

The Deployment Governance category in Cloud Cop is based on Deployment Acceleration, which is one of five disciplines for managing cloud platforms within the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

This discipline focuses on guidelines for managing asset configurations or distributing them. Within the five categories in Cloud Cop for cloud platform management, Deployment Governance includes rules for distribution, configuration adjustment and reuse of scripts. This can be through manual activities or fully automated DevOps activities. In both cases, the rules generally be the same.

As this discipline matures, Deployment Governance will be integrated as part of DevOps and deployment strategies by implementing and managing rules in the cloud platform. This will contribute to more efficient and safe distribution and remove obstacles around the use of the cloud platform.

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