Cost Governance

Make sure your business gets real and proactive cost control in the cloud platform by implementing rules that are in line with requirements and budgets.

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The Cost Governance category in Cloud Cop is based on Cost Management, which is one of five disciplines for managing cloud platforms within the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

For many customers, cost management is a major concern when using cloud technology, and balancing costs in cloud platforms can be challenging. This is particularly relevant for companies that have made a strategic choice about using a cloud platform.

Within the five categories in Cloud Cop for managing cloud platforms, Cost Governance includes, among other things, setting rules for tagging cost dimensions, permitted price levels for services (SKU) and permitted service types in the platform.

Cost control is more than reporting. Reporting is important, but the results of the reports are what matters.
Only reporting consumption can quickly become a reactive cost control that does not provide full value for the business to navigate towards goals and strategy.
In order to achieve real cost control, rules must be established in the platform that contribute to keeping budgets and that information about different cost dimensions is tagged on used resources, so that the costs are more differentiated on relevant dimensions in the reports.

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