Avoid serious breach of your business rules

Cloud Cop makes it easy for businesses to establish, comply with and manage rules in the cloud to protect businesses from reputation- and financial loss.

Get a better view over the business policies

Use of cloud platforms is increasing exponentially. This, in combination with deliveries from different suppliers, developers and technical people, creates a complexity that increases the need to have implemented policies and rules in the cloud platform.

In stead of creating rules through extensive and costly projects with high complexity and demanding management, Cloud Cop ensures that the business gets started in a simple and efficient way. In addition, will Cloud Cop provide a better overview and control, without the need for specialist expertise.

Get started easily
All companies have requirements and rules that must be complied with. To avoid major consequences, it is important to get started as early as possible in establishing a proper governance regime in the cloud platform.

An example of this is that the company has a requirement that privacy information should not be processed outside the EEA.

If someone creates services in a data center located outside the country in this union, and which is used in the processing or storage of personal data, it could have major consequences for finances and reputation.


To secure the business, it`s absolutely essential to have mechanisms in place that ensure compliance with requirements and rules.

With Cloud Cop you'll easy generate rules for service levels, cost dimensions, locationsand more. In this way you avoid, for example using services that are not in accordance with your set of rules. All attempts to create services that do not comply with implemented rules will be automatically rejected.

Control in a simple way
Cloud Governance is about reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and more economical use of the cloud platform.

Cloud Governance is about reducing risk, increased efficiency and more economical use of the cloud platform. With Cloud Cop, you get started quickly and in a controlled manner with a good overview so that the use of the cloud platform is simple, safe and efficient.

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