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Torstein Børresen

Business Development


Alex Sherman

Technical Development


Bjørn Vegard Christensen

Business Development


Lars Wie

Delivery & Operations


The Story

After decades in the IT industry, the idea of automating cloud governance came to life.

We have seen the traditional way of doing governance left customers with manual work and lots and lots of consultancy… and maybe the biggest problem, human errors.

As we are in the era of everything being “cloudified” and distributed, systems for controlling such a cloud journey need to be present. Governance is no longer the IT manager’s concern; it’s an executive responsibility.

Our idea for giving the corporation a place to administer and follow up on important governance became the start of Cloud Cop.

Already one year out, we are happy to have onboarded several customers with excellent feedback. Customers saving money, having control, and leading the dialog for future development in cloud strategy is the best feedback we can get.

Any we have just started…..

Follow us, become a customer of Cloud Cop, and focus more on your core values.